We partner with business owners to drive strategies that create, manage and deliver exceptional increases in company value.


We work for private companies and we employ a disciplined approach to help them sell or raise capital at maximum value. Whether a final sale of the business or raising money to finance growth, our focus is to position each client for a transaction on the best possible terms. This takes months and sometimes several years of preparation. When the timing is right, we then help match them with the most appropriate resources by focusing only on buyers, investors and lenders who specifically are looking for growth stories.


Mature Companies 
    Assessment (value, sale prep) 
    Positioning for maximum value
    Transaction strategy
    Mergers & acquisitions
    Debt or equity financing

Growth companies
Capital formation
Consulting (managing growth)
Strategy - value positioning 
Investor relations


"Keystone took us through an extensive strategic capital formation process and counseled us through implementation, due diligence and the final decision. The process and results were nothing short of spectacular."               

- Manufacturing CEO