Arts Organization (non-profit)


This was a small but well-known arts organization featuring world-renowned talent. Unfortunately its excellence in arts did not carry all the way through. It was declining financially due to its divided and uncommitted board, chaotic operations and lack of controls. Passion and vision were evaporating and the organization was left with an unrealistic business plan. All of this was exacerbated by financial strains and mounting debt.


  • Rewrote the business plan to be innovative and yet practical given the organization’s situation.
  • Installed a new executive director with skills in developing leadership within the organization.
  • Created a PR plan to change the organization’s image.
  • Told a less ambitious but more realistic story to a broader audience, being honest about areas of weakness as well as unique successes.


New donors who were excited and passionate about the mission came around and supported the organization and its more achievable vision. This allowed the mission to achieve significant goals and make a positive contribution to its constituency while at the same time paying down a significant amount of debt.

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