A group of family-owned companies


A true serial entrepreneur built a number of companies, all loosely related. He and his wife were beginning to think through retirement options and wanted to begin the process of harvesting their life's work. But there were a number of gray areas between the companies, each one was still highly dependent on the two owners and each was straining for capital to feed growth. The Great Recession added further stress on cash flow at a time of maximum growth potential for each individual entity.


  • We worked hard to begin to separate each company's strategy, story, operations and team, even though they continued to share some admin services and facilities.
  • Repositioned each company as a growth company wrestling with huge opportunity.
  • Told the stories to potential capital partners, investors, buyers and others who could advocate for and bring resources to finance growth and an eventual buyout.


This project is ongoing and is moving in the right direction. The owners are growing more comfortable that outside capital can be a resource for enhancing value and further positioning their companies for their upcoming exit. Clarifying and separating the strategies for each unit gives the owners -- and the audience of potential buyers -- much more comfort with the value proposition and potential inherent in each individual business unit.