Technology services


An extremely innovative and successful group of founders/entrepreneurs had built a very profitable and steadily growing operation. But they were personally consumed in running the company and managing growth. Though highly successful with clients and with a financial statement any owner would boast about, the company was not regarded highly and was stuck in a lower valuation paradigm that frustrated the owners. 


  • Start to identify and develop the second-tier of leaders to reduce dependence on the founders.
  • Repositioned the value story and strategy as one of builders and developers, not operators.
  • Started a moderate but consistent PR campaign to reorient the industry's perception.
  • Undertook an extensive effort to upgrade all aspects of the company's "look and feel."


This story has not been completely told yet, but it is going to be a good one. The company is gaining in every way, the growth rate is expanding and financing sources are tripping over themselves to bring capital, all because the owners addressed their weak spots. Most importantly, the company is gaining recognition not as a successful technical operation, but as builder and developer of successful operations thanks to it's strong and proprietary "recipe" for growth.