marketing services Company


Two owners of this rapidly growing company were anxious about the company’s ability to survive should they die unexpectedly. There were numerous customers, dedicated employees and family members now dependent on the business, and a sudden loss of leadership would damage all stakeholders, including the owners’ heirs. In addition to a contingency plan, the owners needed a clear picture of what the company should eventually look like to attract the highest valuation. As they often said, there is only one chance to build the company and they wanted to make the most of that opportunity.


  • Establish a leadership continuity plan to assure the company’s survival should the owners no longer be available to continue.
  • Establish the value story. Clarify the company’s value drivers, design/execute operating and strategic plans to maximize these factors over time.
  • Tell the story. A clear value strategy and options for capital for the owners and for the company are being established by making a small number of interested strategic and financial firms aware of this company’s terrific story well ahead of any need.


The owners take comfort in knowing they have assured the company’s survival in a worst-case scenario. The strategic value story is more attractive each year, and ongoing discussions with industry players and investors are affirming and sharpening the company’s strategy and generating interest in the company.

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