Reigniting the Joy of Ownership

One of the truly enjoyable parts of our job is working with business owners as they rediscover their passion for their companies. I can’t tell you the number of times we started in an environment that felt like a funeral but ended up instead with a party. In many cases clients were ready to throw in the towel. They’d lost their love for their company. Their real dreams had long faded. And the entrepreneurial adventure had turned to drudgery. But then something begins to change as we help them explore strategies to re-position the company, to grow again and to add significantly to the value of the company. As we kick around ideas, talk of strategy and growth evolves into concrete plans and they begin to rediscover a part of themselves they’d long since buried. A hint of hope, a glimpse of sunlight begins to appear. The entrepreneur is reborn as plans are put into place—plans for restoration, resurrection.

As the owner gets moving again, the management team and others take notice, at first simply out of curiosity. But then they begin to see that their leader is serious, and they catch the vision too. The right people naturally self-select and come alongside the owner. They don’t just follow, they chip in. They want to be a part and to contribute to a winning team. Vision in action is motivating. It’s compelling. It’s natural that the best members of the team begin to recommit as well.

It doesn’t matter the business’ age, track record, or industry. Every organization can aim for growth again. And as it does, its worth—both literally and figuratively—will increase.

For us, it’s always a joy – and we consider it our privilege – to watch a business owner come back to life. It happens every time one rediscovers a passion for risk, adventure and winning again.