Dare to DREAM!

This Saturday morning, August 4, something extraordinary is going to take place on the Near Eastside of Indianapolis. The story centers around the Arsenal Tech Football team. Tech has a rich history of victorious seasons, abundant fans, and all the things that come to mind when you think of high school football. But time and circumstances have decayed a once thriving environment. Almost a metaphor for the decline of the Near Eastside, the gorgeous architecture of the stadium has deteriorated and is now in great need of attention.

Dare to dream blog post

Tech’s once storied team has found itself isolated and pushed to the side among central Indiana’s football powerhouses.

But this weekend, a rare community led by a group of young students from DREAM Alive’s youth program will rally around the Arsenal Tech football team. The group includes hundreds of local middle school, high school and college students, community leaders, business professionals, local and international companies, neighborhood associations, churches, and more. Along with all of Tech’s sixty-five football players, they will come together to give love and care to the Arsenal Tech football team and their once proud stadium.

It began with a dream, that inner city youth would have the opportunity to experience positive, life-changing, authentic community and then cultivate leadership skills within that environment. DREAM Alive, the youth organization led by retired Colts lineman Tarik Glenn, and the Arsenal Tech football coaches have pushed through numerous barriers to make this happen in a display of the leadership, cooperation and vision for which this city is famous.

The chaos that comes with bringing so large and diverse a group together always has potential for logistical headaches. However, with much vision and care this truly will be an “Advancement” opportunity.

We often explain to potential clients that our focus is Advancement, that we are not fundraisers. There is a huge need for fundraisers in the nonprofit community and there are many such professionals who are amazing at their jobs. But we have chosen to carve out a different place in the industry. We purposefully work to create environments where spectacular things will happen for our clients. When any organization takes time to evaluate and develop their story and then invites their audience to join in unique and meaningful ways, the wonder of Advancement slowly evolves. Come join us this Saturday and experience the joy of Advancement!

To learn more about DREAM Alive’s Community Day 2012 please  visit http://dreamaliveinc.org/community-day-2012/