Food Processing Company


A money-losing food processor with awful labor/management relations was bought by a nephew of the founding family. He and his partner completely reorganized every facet of the business. There are many lessons in this story, but four of their accomplishments illustrate the goals and approach employed by Keystone Growth Strategies.


  • Identified and maximized value drivers. Every element of operations was geared to maximize the factors that would create value and make a positive impression.
  • Positioned the company to attract the highest valuation. Among competitive companies, this client was specifically positioned to stand out as a unique and attractive value story.
  • Established unusually effective internal systems. The owners recognized the advantages of timely, accurate, strategically-aligned operating information.
  • Nurtured relationships with key industry players. Worked to build relationships with financial and strategic firms to share and sharpen the company’s story and vision.


As it grew, the company generated profits that were unprecedented in the industry. Based on their compelling story and vision, the two partners eventually were bought out by a large multi-national food and energy company at a very attractive valuation.

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