e-Publishing company


This was a high growth specialty publishing company, owned by two partners facing upcoming age and health issues. Rapid growth required additional capital. The client had a successful business model in an emerging industry niche, but due to their size they flew under the radar and were not recognized by other industry players and capital sources as the leader and innovator they truly were.


  • Identifited/articulated the company’s value, value drivers, points of distinction and competitive position vis a vis ambitious venture-backed competitors.
  • Established the company’s compelling value story.
  • Told the story. Met continuously with industry leaders, leading investors and others aligned with the industry.
  • Enhanced the company’s public profile.


We generated numerous M&A and capital options for the company and the owners, from financing to buy out of one of the shareholders to funding for acquisitions of competitors. The owners elected to sell to a financial firm that wanted to capitalize and expand the business plan. The company went on to consolidate competitors and dominate the industry

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