Dennis Erwin is the founder and CEO of Keystone Growth Strategies. Through his years of work as investment banker to mid-sized private companies, Dennis saw that business owners often missed opportunities to vastly improve their valuation through simple modifications to the business, or perhaps in the way they approached the market when it was time to sell. He started Keystone Growth Strategies to help owners maximize the value of their companies by strategically pursuing growth and building strong relationships in the capital markets well ahead of a transaction.

Dennis spends a large portion of his time with clients on strategy and positioning companies for growth in size, earnings and valuation. He maintains strong relationships with capital providers seeking investments or acquisitions of compelling private companies and is accomplished at identifying and working with strategic buyers as well.

In addition to investment banking, Dennis’ earlier career includes operating experience in both early stage and mature companies, in roles from COO/President to CFO and head of administration. He earned an MBA from Indiana University and a BA from DePauw University.

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Lisa Burns is passionate about building strong and valuable organizations and telling their stories to capital providers. She originated Keystone’s value-driven approach to nonprofits in 2011 and now provides leadership across all of Keystone’s activities. 

Lisa works closely with both corporate and nonprofit CEOs to align strategy and build management teams to deliver on growth goals. She leads clients to understand that relationships based on integrity and trust are the only effective way to build true value for an organization. This is true not only for internal relationships but externally as well. The most rewarding transactions for both buyer and seller occur when there is deep mutual knowledge and respect.

Lisa started in nonprofit fundraising with campus ministry organizations, in addition to leadership in entrepreneurial businesses. She later served as executive director with a leading Indianapolis arts organization and consulted with foundations prior to joining Keystone. Lisa has a BA from Georgia Southern University.

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